Going Organic!

Carrots-earthAfter thinking long and hard for quite some time now, I have decided to go organic.  I have spent probably the past year going round in cycles in my head with the pros and cons of going organic and in the end it came down to one question. Do I feel well despite all my lifestyle changes in the past few years? No, so why not try and do something about it!

After a lot of research and I mean a good 15 hours plus scanning the internet whilst I have been recovering from an operation for endometriosis and bowel and bladder conditions, the research keep leading me back to the same things.  Toxins, growth hormones and antibiotics!


Toxins.  The vegetables and fruit which we buy in UK supermarket are grown in artificial fertilisers and drowned in pesticides and fungicides, all known to contribute too many health problems.  I have spent the past year consuming a smoothie or juice every day to boost my body but if I am not buying organic, am I really reaping all the benefits I thought from my smoothies and juices?


Growth hormones and antibiotics.  I have like many other women been crippled with the pains and symptoms of endometriosis for the past few years and I was shocked to read a lot of research putting the vast increase in the number of endometriosis cases worldwide, down largely to the huge  quantities of growth hormones and antibiotics we ingest through meat.  Endometriosis does not run in my family, no one else has ever had it as far as they are aware and this does lead me to believe my lifestyle has been a heavily contributing factor.  I for the past five years have been living with my now Fiance who cannot go a meal without meat and due to this I have been eating meat twice a day and over five years that is a lot of meat, growth hormones and antibiotics ingested as we just bought regular meat.


I am someone who knows the power that changing food can have on your body, as for many years before I was diagnosed Celiac (I had previously been diagnosed when I was 10 allergic to wheat but not gluten specifically) I suffered from severe eczema, psoriasis, ibs, constant abdominal pain, tiredness, and fatigue to name a few symptoms and after a few months without gluten my eczema and psoriasis completely disappeared and the ibs significantly reduced.  I believe that food can heal the body.  Yes, I still have other remaining symptoms but they are what lead to the discovery of my endometriosis and other problems, which are now being resolved medically one by one but if I can ensure that I am doing everything to benefit my body I hope to prevent any reoccurring problems which could be caused by food and drink.


Enough is enough! The pro’s are endless, including improvement in my health which is the most important thing to me, whilst the only con I can come up with is cost!


I did my first organic food shop this week and my bill only came out about £20 dearer. Yes, over a year that will be £1,040 but if it can reduce any of the current health problems I currently suffering from or prevent any future health problems, that is a bargin price!


This week I bought all my shopping at Sainsburys but since I have researched local butchers who provide grass feed, hormone and antibiotic free meats at a price cheaper than the supermarkets and local farm shops which prove local organic seasonal fruit and vegetables. I will keep you informed with all my findings!

Happy eating Xx

Images in this post are sourced from sainsburys.co.uk, eyeopening.info, rodalenes.com, goodtoknow.media.ipcdigital.co.uk, intelligentnutrients.ca, blog.albertsorganics.com and Sainsburys.co.uk websites.


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2 Responses to Going Organic!

  1. Sofi says:

    Great decision Jasmine! I hope you will see an improvement in your health!

    Liked by 1 person

  2. activebeans says:

    Hope you see some positive changes 🙂
    Thought about going vegetarian a few days a week as well?


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