Halloumi Salad

SONY DSCA vibrant Halloumi Salad, packed full of nutrients to battle those winter blues!  This refreshing gluten free salad starts with a bed of earthy quinoa, spring onion, red cabbage and spinach tossed in a light tangy lemon oil dressing, with lashings of sweet juicy pomegranate and to top, a crown of crisp warm salty halloumi.  Guaranteed to delight the taste buds!  Continue reading

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Tropical Smoothie

SONY DSCA gorgeous Tropical Smoothie that will delight your taste buds.  This Tropical Smoothie is a great energy booster which helps regulates blood sugar levels, aids digestive health, boosts the immune system and provides the body with essential electrolytes whilst providing essential hydration. Continue reading

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A beautifully light fragant dish with flakes of peppered smoked mackerel, fluffy basmati rice and perfectly soft boiled eggs.  Originating in India and believed to be brought back to the UK by British Colonials, it was introduced as a breakfast dish but I personally love this dish for dinner when I fancy something light but wholesome.   Continue reading

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Warming Meatloaf with Crispy Wedges

SONY DSCA wholesome gluten-free meatloaf, accompanied by a warming paprika sauce and served with crisp wedges. One of my favourites for when I am in need of a bit of comfort in my life. This is a perfect winter meal for a chilly day and can be prepared  ahead of time and just popped into the oven for the final cook when needed, so great for when you have people over.   The flavours in this dish never fail to impress. Continue reading

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Breakfast Smoothie

SONY DSCA breakfast smoothie is perfect for when you are in a rush in the mornings.  Simply pop all the fruit and a drop of water into your food blender and viola. Continue reading

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Nacho Night


Nothing beats Nachos with homemade Chunky Salsa and Guacamole when you fancy a bit of guilt-free naughtiness and these yummy recipes are sure to cure any naughty cravings.

Continue reading

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Cold Buster Juice

SONY DSCWhen I am feeling a little under the weather nothing picks me up like my Cold Buster Juice.  Packed full of vitamins and minerals to aid the recovery of the common cold and flu.  A similar base to the Breakfast Juice but with the addition of lemon and clementine, which are loaded with vitamin C and antibiotic properties which are fantastic for treating colds, flu and coughs, extra ginger high in zinc known to relieve coughs and colds and extra carrot for added energy when you need it most.  You will be feeling better in no time.

Continue reading

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Super Power Salad

SONY DSCThis salad is power packed full of goodness to help cure any illnesses that may be lurking around this winter time.  A bed of spinach, loaded with nutrient rich vegetables, antioxidant rich blueberries, crumbled creamy feta and a yoghurt dressing with antiviral and antibiotic properties. Continue reading

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Jazzies Chocolate Brownies

I discovered the key to perfect moist brownies last year whilst skiing in France and I couldn’t believe it was so simple.  To me nothing is more lovely than a moist indulgent brownie and this recipe is just that.  I have spent time tweaking this recipe over the last year, perfecting all aspects of this brownie and I am certain this will be a crowd pleaser.  Serve cold with a cup of tea or warm with ice cream, either way is sure to impress. Continue reading

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Easy 30 Second Berry Sorbet

10686858_10154951448345643_7843129441428222223_nNothing could be simpler than yummy sorbet in 30 seconds and that is precisely one of the best things about owning a vitamix.  On evenings when I am craving something sweet, this always manages to prevent me reaching for the chocolates. A completely guilt-free dessert made of nothing but strawberries, raspberries and ice. Continue reading

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